What the heck am I going to do about our company's virtual holiday party this year?

So what then are companies doing? Some are writing off this year but a majority of the companies we are speaking to are looking for an engaging virtual event. When I speak to clients about what to do, I listen to what they have done in the past and then explain that you cannot just convert an old formula to fit the virtual world. You have to rethink how you do it this year. Some things to consider:

  • Do you want a virtual event where everyone participates?

  • Do you want some sort of entertainment so everyone can sit back and relax?

  • Do you want a large group so that everyone can be together?

  • Do you want to break your large group into smaller groups to make the virtual event more intimate?

  • Do you want to host a variety of events?

  • How long do you want your event to run? (We recommend 60-90 minutes as attention spans are limited.)

  • Do you want to send a gift to all participants before the event to give the event some extra excitement?

  • If you do want to send something, do you want to send something that everyone can use or wear at the event to serve as a unifying device for the event?

  • Do you want to leave some time for the head of your company or group to toast the company and wish everyone a happy holidays?

  • Do you want to leave some socializing time before or after the event?

Here are some examples of what our clients are doing for their virtual holiday parties:

  • One client wanted a variety of activities so they booked a half hour of a #Magician, an hour of fully facilitated interactive #games, and then a half hour for the head of their group to give a speech, thank colleagues and wish them a happy holiday.

  • Another client has an annual tradition where the head of the company reads a poem so we suggested they kick off the virtual holiday party with the annual poem, then a montage with fun company photos from the past year, and then the virtual holiday ends with fun interactive #games to allow everyone time to have fun together.

  • This association usually does a blowout holiday party each year, bringing all its members together to connect and celebrate. This year they have booked an hour of #mixology and are sending each attendee a cocktail shaker for before the event to use to make their cocktails and mocktails.

Would love to hear what creative ideas you have come up with or heard back. Let us know at so I can share them in a future blog.

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