Laughter it the best medicine in this fast-paced, remote working world. It gives you perspective, lets you know you are not alone,  and its witty social commentary makes you smarter.

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Virtual Stand-Up Comedy

A comedy performance is a great precursor to a team building exercise, or an addition to an office party that needs entertainment. Our stand-up comedian Kath performs observational comedy that's interactive, inviting, and office appropriate without being stuffy. Kath has been performing comedy for over 10 years and has appeared on Comedy Central, the CW, and recently opened for Patton Oswalt on several tour dates. She hosts two successful weekly podcast shows.


Laughter Yoga

This unique laughter exercise program is perfect because it combines laughter, yogic deep breathing and mindfulness meditation. Together, these three elements create a fun, effective and energizing experience to benefit body, mind and soul. After this session, people feel ready to tackle new projects, experience improved concentration, and it fosters creative "out of the box" thinking.