Connection is a basic human need. As we continue to live and work in a virtual world, we need to make sure that we are providing that connection to all of our employees. Having a connected team based on trust and mutual respect increases our effectiveness and leads to positive business outcomes.

Communication Compass

We all work with others whose work style might baffle us! This fun interactive program provides you with insight and tools to improve your relationships at work and get more stuff done with less frustration! Using an assessment model called The Communication Compass, participants discover their own communication style (Warrior, Visionary, Nurturer or Analyst), and more importantly, how their style communicates with other styles. This information fosters professional and personal growth.

For up to 20 participants.

75 minutes: $1300, 90 - 100 minutes: $1700,

2 hours: $2000. Additional $100 for every additional 1- 10 participants.

Connecting Teams

Your team will enjoy a carefully selected collection of thought-provoking activities and exercises. Everyone will discover interesting things about each other, find things in common, appreciate differences, and learn, laugh and grow into a stronger team together! 

Up to 90 Minutes: $450,  2-3 Hours: $750

ConnectRship Games

Cheer your teammates while competing against each other and working together.  Everyone will enjoy this fast-paced, fully facilitated game event. Clients are raving about the fun, the variety of activities and the added benefit of creating connection among colleagues and/or clients. ConnectRship is team building disguised as games.

1 hour.

$799 for up to 50 participants, $999 for up to 100 participants, $1,199 for up to 150 participants.


Thinking on Your Feet

Thinking On Your Feet is a program that uses
improvisation exercises to help your team:

  • express themselves comfortably and confidently in front of a group

  • blame less and problem solve more

  • trust themselves and others

  • develop comfort with ambiguity

  • become more effective listeners

  • spur creativity, innovation, collaboration and teamwork

This in turn helps your team think on their feet for presentations, speeches, project updates, client sales presentations, rearranging priorities...

Our facilitator is an Assistant Vice President of the Learning & Development Division of Temple University’s Human Resources Department and an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Fox Business School.

60 minutes. I




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