More and more groups are recognizing the need to prioritize employees' mental and physical health. Enjoy these events where participants learn about wellness and engage with mindfulness through various activities

Laughter Yoga

This unique laughter exercise program is perfect because it combines laughter, yogic deep breathing and mindfulness meditation. Together, these three elements create a fun, effective and energizing experience to benefit body, mind and soul. After this session, people feel ready to tackle new projects, experience improved concentration, and it fosters creative "out of the box" thinking.

Up to 60 minutes which can include a full 60 minute session, three 10-minute laughter blasts or 15-20 minute laughter blasts (to liven up any event, training or conference). This event is suitable for 6-600 participants. Up to 50 people, $499 for up to one hour program. Inquire about pricing for larger groups.

Work Mindfulness

Give your team the gift of mindfulness. Your team will learn the science behind mindfulness-based practices and the direct impact of stress on health and work/life integration and will be given tools for enhancing personal wellness, new approaches to stay connected to work and ideas for cultivating organizational support. 

$300/hour or $1000 for four 1 hour sessions 

$150 for half hour or $600 for four half hour sessions

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